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Drone Light Shows

The “wow factor” takes on next-level spectacle with Live Events newest offering, DRONE SHOWS. We create mesmerizing art and light up skies in the biggest and most brilliant way in cities across the country. We continue to evolve our creativity and technical expertise, ensuring that we deliver an EPIC experience every time, at every event.


And, can it get any better? We say HECK YEAH! For a completely immersive experience, picture this – drones lighting the sky along with a dynamic fireworks display. Drones and fireworks together! An entertainment bundle where tradition meets technology and pure pandemonium begins! (Yep, we’re those people)

Give Us A Reason To Celebrate

Our talented drone show designers and technicians come ready with something up their sleeves for every client, customizing the perfect oohs and ahhs cocktail for your event.  

  • Community Events
  • Concerts, Tours & Festivals
  • Sports Teams & Sporting Events
  • Destination Events
  • Holiday Celebrations
  • Corporate, Private & Nonprofit Events

There are many ways to maximize your event: 

  • Sponsorship Art (Brand Logos)
  • Themed Shows (Hall of Fame Night)
  • Message Amplification (ex: Cause Marketing: Fight, Hope, Win)
  • Promotional Calls-to-Action (ex: QR Code)
  • Dominate the Night Sky (ex: Fireworks show bundle – wow!)

Drone Light Shows with Fireworks?

(Yes we do that too!)

With multiple sky art solutions in our arsenal: fireworks, special fx, and drone shows – we can bundle these entertainment solutions together to bring an entirely new, sensory overall experience to your next event.

Drones with fireworks or fireworks with drones = simultaneous and amazing! The perfect combination for a social media frenzy leaving spectators asking themselves ‘did that really just happen’?

Let’s Talk Tech & Safety

Our tech talks! Our all-inclusive drone show system seamlessly integrates everything needed to launch a successful and exhilarating show. 


  • Professionally designed and built hardware in the USA.
  • Integrated technology and equipment provides our professionally trained pilots with ease-of-mind in monitoring ground control and performance metrics, ensuring a reliable and efficient execution of show.
  • Equipment powered by smart batteries which extend drone performances delivering 20-minute shows producing 3,600 lumens.
  • Dual layered safety system providing extra comfort to clients and spectators.
  • Ultra-precise drone positioning capability is a carefully crafted skill – and we have it!
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