Special Effects

Special Effects Show Design

PyrotecnicoFX helps create that emotional connection you want your audience to feel. Whether your concert, tour or residency wants audience-scanning lasers, precision choreographed graphics or popping flames—we’ll take your ideas and make them explode.

For sports special effects, little league games to halftime shows, player introductions, touchdowns, and trophy ceremonies—no matter the venue or climate we are prepared to safely deliver the results exactly as you envision it.

Confetti & Streamers

These sweet, tangible bursts of paper dancing in the air. PyrotecnicoFX confetti bombs and streamers can pack a real punch of unexpected excitement. 

Cryo & Fog Effects

Cryo effects and fog will add extra drama to a live event or performance. Rapid firing CO2 jets for your high energy concerts & low lying CO2 fog for theatrics. We’ll give things that cool, mystical vibe that’s more oooo than ahhh.

Flames & Pyro Effects

Pyro is one of the most commonly requested special effects for sports and concert touring. Give your live event the spark it needs and let us bring the heat! 


Laser design brings a stunning visual effect that can perfectly harmonize with the acoustical effects of the band. A laser show beaming from the stage and through the crowd, creates an immersive experiences that connect you to the audience on a deeper level. We’ll help you pierce through reality with laser work that truly tickles the oculi.


Custom Special Effects

Custom FX is our speciality for high-profile concert touring and festivals, award shows, resort residencies, and sporting events. Our design teams can collaborate with your creative and production teams to deliver innovative special effects that wow audiences beyond the realms of special effectasy.

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