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For over 125 years, spanning five generations, Pyrotecnico award-winning, fireworks displays continue to deliver jaw-dropping excitement. Our creative team has won many international awards for our unique choreography and impeccable synchronicity, including the coveted Gold Jupiter award. PyrotecnicoFX, our second legacy company, has been making waves across music, sports, and special events for decades.  

We got a fire inside for delivering breathtaking pyrotechnic displays and special effects that capture the imagination and leave lasting memories.

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We create breathtaking moments through end-to-end event production with a service style you'll find unforgettable.

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LIVE EVENTS has never strayed from its roots, because its roots run deep. As a family owned and operated business, we bring a loving touch to all we do, and focus on building a team that’s bonded, capable, and ready to transport our clients into another realm. We behave like we’re blood, because we are—and it allows us to do amazing things together.


Founded in 1889, Pyrotecnico is a fifth-generation fireworks display company—and the legacy name behind Live Events. Because many fireworks display companies started in this Pennsylvania town, New Castle is commonly referred to as “the fireworks capital of the world.” As of 2022, Pyrotecnico is the only fireworks company headquartered in New Castle. 

Their passion for flashing carries us around the globe hunting for innovative and exhilarating new pyro-tech that’ll leave audiences of all sizes enjoying the freedom and excitement of modern Americana. The pyro tech teams are local, and fireworks shows are affordable for virtually any community.

Safety is our top priority every step of the way. All the details—safety regulations, permitting, execution, and clean-up—are helmed and handled by our remarkable family of expert fireworks technicians. There’s a reason we’re the largest fireworks provider in the world. The spark runs deep.

Industries we serve: Public & Community Events, Corporate Events, Private Events, Sports Teams, Sporting Events, Weddings & Celebrations—of all sizes.

  • Indoor & Outdoor Fireworks
  • Fireworks Permitting & Logistics
  • Soundtrack Choreography Solutions
  • Close Proximity Displays

Special effects that border on ecstasy—PyrotecnicoFX is devoted to tailoring experiences that connect with audiences on a true emotional level. PyrotecnicoFX strategically and creatively use all types of special effects solutions to amplify excitement. 

From project manager to technician, FX crews are dedicated to creating that emotional connection you want your audience to feel. And safety is always priority #1. They keep their crews trained at an expert level to ensure the best entertainment value possible.

For events of all sizes and types, sets are bold, colors are branded, and effects synchronicity is insanely on point—PyrotecnicoFX brings the all the special tools to blow fans away! From audience scanning lasers, precision choreographed graphics or 50ft flames and black or white smoke—they’ll take your ideas and make them explode. Let PyrotecnicoFX create an experience for your audience that will leave them breathless and wanting more.

Industries we serve: Concert Touring, Music Festivals, Music Residencies, Sports Teams, Sporting Events, Private Events, and Award Shows.

  • Special Effect Show Design
  • Confetti & Streamers
  • Cryo & Fog Effects
  • Flames & Pyro Effects
  • Lasers
  • Custom Special Effects

Active Production & Design has been on the cutting edge of virtual, hybrid, and live audio-visual solutions for over 25 years. With a hub office and warehouse in the midtown district of Atlanta, Active serves clients across the Southeast region.

Deep technical know-how tempered by craftsmanship allows Active to raise the OMG factor for any gathering imaginable. The pros at Active are laser-focused on three priorities: building strong and solid relationships, designing impeccable and memorable events, and using best-in-class equipment and gear.

Clients we serve: Private & Corporate Events, Special Events & Award Shows, Venue Partnerships, and Weddings & Celebrations.

  • Audio Concept & Design
  • AV Solutions
  • PA Systems
  • Lighting Concept & Design
  • Video Systems
  • LED Video
  • Virtual/Hybrid Events
  • Set Design

Delicate Productions prides itself on having the perfect touch when it comes to providing full-service event production. Delicate offers end-to-end production for audio, light and video from arena-sized to community events.

They’ve mastered the delicate art of high-energy, live settings for some of the world’s top names in entertainment. By manifesting incredible moments that will linger forever in pop culture’s subconscious, for Delicate, the only way to get it right is to get it just right. 

Industries we serve: Concert Touring & Music Festivals, Private and Corporate Events, Sports Team and Sporting Events, TV & Film, and Award Shows.

  • Audio Concept & Design
  • Audio Solutions
  • PA Systems
  • AV Synchronization
  • Lighting Solutions
  • LED and Projection
  • Video Solutions
  • Creative iMag Services

As a trusted technology partner for 40+ years, Gemini delivers quality light, sound, and video services and expertise to their client-partners.

They offer an expansive inventory of equipment for rentals, sales, and installations. Gemini also provides maintenance and service repairs, motor inspection and certification, cable and distro fabrication and training opportunities.

Stop by and shop their Showroom in Dallas, TX. It is stocked with expendables and supplies. Gemini is tirelessly dedicated to providing a turnkey and scalable plan.

Industries we serve: Houses of Worship and Churches, Concert Touring, Sports Teams & Events, Corporate and Private Events, Tradeshows, Theatrical & Film Production Support

  • Equipment Rental
  • Equipment Sales
  • Equipment Installs
  • Equipment and Gear Service/Maintenance
  • Lighting Design & Installation
  • Video Solutions
  • AV Solutions

For over 30 years, Zenith has made a name for itself by running next-level lighting and production for its dedicated clients. 

As your photon savants—the team believes the right beam can turn a so-so event into a proper, illuminous time. By also providing lighting equipment repair and maintenance services as a supplement to full turnkey lighting production, Zenith is sure to make your event shine.

Zenith is based in Orlando, Florida.

Industries we serve: Corporate Events, Theme Parks, Concert Touring & Festivals, Award Shows, Houses of Worship, and Sports Teams & Events.

  • Lighting Concept & Design
  • Lighting Installation/Integration
  • Lighting Service and Repairs
  • Equipment Rentals
  • Equipment Sales

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