Pyrotecnico provided Fireworks & Special Effects at Superbowl LVIII

FEBRUARY 12, 2024 NEW CASTLE, PA. (WKBN) – A Shenango Valley company had a super night at the Super Bowl.

WRITTEN BY: Dave Sess 

Featured in: WKBN27 

New Castle is known as the fireworks capital of the world. Pyrotecnico has been in town since 1922 and it provided some guiding lights for the biggest show of the year —- Super Bowl LVIII.

When Usher was performing at the Super Bowl, Pyrotecnico played a big role. The company shined lasers and provided smoke effects to the performance.

“I would say as on pins and needles you know, just waiting for it to be over and be over successfully,” said President and CEO Stephen Vitale. Vitale was watching. He texted the crew of 32 to share his pride and what an honor for Pyrotecnico to shine at such a high-level event. “It’s the biggest show on earth, so there’s a lot of preparation. There’s a lot of design work that we do, and all in all, we’re incredibly happy with the performance,” Vitale said.

The majority of its gear was prepped in New Castle — cables, fans, lights, headphones. Monday, it was packing up for the next big event. The NBA All-Star game. “When we create oohs and ahhs, and take people out and really out of the reality of the real world. I think that that’s why we do what we do,” Vitale said. Pyrotecnico has made sparks in special places, with fireworks above the Vegas skyline for the Formula 1 race or providing special effects during Beyonce’s Tour. Pyrotecnico’s reputation is to make every big event even better.

“We’ve worked very hard to get where we are, and we don’t take anything for granted. And we’re as good as our last show,” Vitale said.

Right now, Pyrotecnico is preparing for the Olivia Rodrigo and Jelly Roll tours, plus it will have a big summer providing fireworks shows at baseball parks across the USA.




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