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Music Festivals

Project: Music Festivals Companies Involved: Pyrotecnico, PyrotecnicoFX, Delicate Productions, FXpedited //

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Sporting Events

Project: Sporting Event Production Companies Involved: Pyrotecnico, PyrotecnicoFX, Delicate Productions, Gemini, FXpedited //

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The Weeknd After Hours Til Dawn Tour

Special Effects: PyrotecnicoFX // Client: The Weeknd // Tour: After Hours til Dawn 2022 // Where: US Tour // photos via Alive Coverage at…

  • Strategy

    Pre-tour special effects design, with optimizations and additions during the tour to maximize audience impact at each show.

  • Design

    End-to-end special effects show design: Pyrotechnics, Vertical Flame Bars, Smoke, Lasers, and more.

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Corporate Events

Project: Corporate and Private Events, Trade Shows Brands Involved: Active, Gemini, Delicate, Zenith //

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